{ Why Personal Branding is Important to Career Success with Tanu Grewal }

{ Why Personal Branding is Important to Career Success with Tanu Grewal }

  • Sarah Smith
  • Sarah Smith
Tanu Grewal

I had the honor of meeting with Vice President of Marketing and Innovation at AlEn, Tanu Grewal. In this exclusive interview, Tanu discusses AlEn’s latest brand launch centered around natural and eco-friendly cleaning products and what it took for her to get to this point in her career. Sharing her growth hacks with us, Tanu delves into the importance of forming a brand for yourself that can carry you through your entire career and define your future business path. 

Tanu’s Growth Hacks:  

Develop your personal brand  

No matter what industry you want to go into, there is nothing more helpful to your success than developing and following your personal brand. Tanu enjoys building brands that bring value to people and she has allowed this to shape her professional career. Without a strong sense of who you are, you risk falling into positions that don’t suit you and aren’t profitable in the long run. 

“If you’re trying to be something you’re not, then that’s not going to work out very favorably for you.”   

Define your role  

Your personal brand should be your guide in determining which companies and clients you work and align yourself with. In Tanu’s case, AlEn is a natural progression for her and has provided her with amazing opportunities to show off her skill set while feeling fulfilled in the position she’s holding. If you end up at a company that does not fit with your core values and desires, you won’t be able to reach your full potential and your growth will be deeply hindered.   

“In my personal experience, there has to be congruence between your brand and the brand of the company.” 

Embrace your audience  

It’s not enough to just know who you are and what you do, you also have to know who you help. Tanu believes in the idea that tapping into your audience and embracing who they are will help strengthen your personal brand and allow you to better tie your personal brand into your company’s brand. Without a concrete audience to advertise to, you’ve lost the roadmap to success and you might end up becoming lost in business strategies and marketing concepts that aren’t realistic or profitable.  

“Once you have your message, finding out the right people to talk to is the next step if you want to be successful.” 

Embrace transparency   

Tanu strongly connects her success in marketing at AlEn with her overarching belief that today’s world is all about brand transparency. It is not enough to sell someone something anymore, you also have to craft an image for yourself and your company in order to prove that the products or services you sell are reliable and worthwhile. For Tanu, this means that she focuses on AlEn’s eco-friendly history and relies very heavily on honest marketing with their new line of products.  

“We live in the age of transparency and people want to know who the person behind the product or brand or service is.” 


You can connect with Tanu Grewal through LinkedIn

You can find out more about AlEn through their website

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