{ How to Stack Content Using a Podcast }

{ How to Stack Content Using a Podcast }

  • Sarah Smith
  • Sarah Smith
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6 Tips to Boost Your Reach

Content marketing can be confusing. There are tons of ways to market your brand, and hundreds of avenues to do so. To add to that, the internet is vast and crowded with information. It can be hard to get your message seen by the right people, and be heard amongst the noise. A great way to do this is through content stacking.

Here is how to stack content using a podcast, and how it can help you boost your reach, and amplify your message. 

What is Content Stacking?

Content stacking is exactly what it sounds like; stacking several small pieces of content to create one big piece or vice versa. One great example of this is e-books. The book itself is a large piece of content and is made up of several smaller sections.  

 Content stacking typically comprises of primary content (your main message or idea) and smaller, supporting content off of that. It can be thought of as a math equation where your supporting content pieces add up to the primary content.

content stacking


Why Should I Use it?

 Content stacking helps you to get the most out of your content. Providing various forms of content helps you to widen your reach and build your audience. It helps you to communicate your ideas across different media, connecting to prospects at different buying stages. People digest information in different ways, and catering to these needs is a great way to boost your reach and appeal to a wider audience. 

 If you are not already utilizing a podcast, you need to start. Podcasts are a great way to share your message across a rich platform. Podcasts are a type of rich media that amplify your brand farther than plain text. Plain text articles are great for high reach, but they can’t compete with rich media like podcasts and videos. Using stacked content like podcasts will help attract an audience and drive engagement.

 Content stacking is a great way to utilize the content you already have to create new marketing opportunities. It helps you to broaden your audience by offering various forms of content. 

How-To Stack Content

So now that you know the importance of stacking content, you may be wondering how to do it. There are many different avenues you can take when deciding to stack your content. Here are some tips and tricks for stacking your podcast content. 

Tip # 1: Split it Up 

To create smaller pieces of content from your podcast, you are essentially going to “dissect” it. Take one of your longer audios, say over 6 minutes long, and split it up into smaller bites. This can help to narrow your focus on a certain topic. These smaller bites can be used on your website and social media. It can also be used to create a mini-podcast series, directing people to your site. These smaller sections can then be repurposed in a variety of ways.

Tip # 2: Repurpose

Now that you’ve reduced your content, it’s time to reuse and recycle. Smaller segments or your podcast outline can be repurposed in a multitude of ways.

• Blogs

o This can be as simple as posting the transcript of your podcast. Visual learners and those hard of hearing appreciate the ability to read the content, instead of listening.

o If you do not want to share the full audio, you can always use sections of your transcript as a blog, and direct people to the full podcast for more information.

 • Social Media

• Snippets of your podcast can be turned into trendy, eye-catching social media graphics. To do this, take some of the best lines from your podcast, and turn them into a social graphic. This can help you boost your reach on social media and attract new listeners.

• E-Books and White Pages

• Like blogs, e-books are a great way to turn your podcasts into a physical document. Doing so can help boost SEO, and attract new customers. 

Tip # 3: Think About the End-User

This is a major aspect of stacking content. Think about who your audience is, and what types of content they want to receive, and how they want to receive it. This is when buyer personas are helpful.

Thinking about who your audience is will help you to define the avenues to take. This may include picking which social media platforms to use, instead of regurgitating your content on every app available. It will also help you to refine the message to what your target wants to hear, turning prospects into customers, and retaining customers.

end user

Tip # 5: Utilize a Content Calendar

Content calendars are a great way to organize your postings. These calendars help you decide what to post, on what channels, and when. This helps you to save time and stay organized. Content calendars are also a way to avoid over-posting on one channel. By seeing your channels laid out, you can see what platforms might need more attention. 

Tip # 6: Start a Podcast

As stated previously, if you have not already started utilizing podcasts, you need to start. Podcasts are dominating the media landscape and attract a loyal following. Over 50% of US adults have listened to a podcast, and average 17 listening hours per week. Podcasts are dominating the digital landscape, and are a great way to make your message accessible and interesting for current and prospective clients. 

If you do not have a podcast, then use the previous tips, in reverse to start one. Turn your blogs, e-books, and social media postings into podcast episodes. This will have the same effect of broadening your audience and creating new avenues to amplify your message.

For help starting a podcast, schedule a consultation call here. 


Digital marketing can be daunting. The internet is vast and full of information, and you want to stand out. A great way to improve your reach and be heard is through content stacking. Reusing your content and turning it into new forms is a great way to improve your visibility and boost SEO. If you are not currently using podcasts for your brand, there is no time like the present. For more help on how to start or market a podcast, stack content and amplify your message visit our website.

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