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It all starts with a candid conversation.
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We’ll conduct research to determine which
product mix is right for you: no cookie-
cutter templates and canned responses. You’ll
receive three customized packages to choose
from based on your objectives.

Through a strategic and collaborative
approach, we’ll partner with you to hand-
build a podcast and deliver it to the
masses. After your launch, you’ll have the
option to partner with us on the ongoing
production of your show.

{ Pricing FAQs }

We provide a range of services to help you create, produce, and market your podcast. For us, this includes developing a concept and format for your show, recording and editing audio and video, securing guests and sponsors, and developing marketing collateral for your marketing team.

The first step to creating a compelling show is understanding your customers, product, and competition through research and discovery. We use the data to create insights for our development team to craft.

There are several ways we help our clients generate a return on investment which include lead generation through strategic booking, sponsorships and advertising, employee engagement, and SEO through new sources of content and backlinks.

You’ll work directly with our leadership team to setup develop your show remotely. After your show is launched we can capture footage for your show both on site and remotely. We will then edit and polish your content before publishing to iTunes and Spotify.

On average, the typically client of ours invest $1500 – $5000 per month in our services. The total price of your subscription is dependent on the rate of shows you produce each month. For example, one show can be $1500 and while four shows could be $5000.