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Meet Your Podcast Producers

We started Speakerbox Media to help small business owners discover a human-centric approach to building brand communities. Unlike giant faceless podcast production agencies, you'll work directly with our founders Ray and Sarah to ensure your podcast gets the attention, care, and creativity that it deserves.  


Co-Founder and COO

Ray holds a degree in Audio Engineering and has a passion for helping entrepreneurs reach their audience and develop their brand. Ray is a book, coffee, and hip-hop enthusiast, a proud introvert and lefty, and can be found creating something new every day. He oversees the Marketing, Research & Development, and Production sectors of the business.

Ray Smith

Co-Founder and CEO

Sarah obtained a Bachelor's of Science degree in Business Management and has a passion for helping businesses develop their niche, set goals, and smash them. Sarah is a geek about numbers, loves a great book, and prides herself on being highly-adaptable and a problem-solver. She oversees the Administrative, Sales, and Customer Experience sectors of the business.

Sarah Smith

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