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Led by husband and wife founders Sarah and Ray Smith, Speakerbox Media is a boutique podcast agency serving executives, SMBs, and B2B businesses.

Meet Sarah & Ray

In 2018, Sarah finalized her capstone business plan project for Speakerbox Media, a fictitious podcast company. Recognizing its market potential, both Sarah and Ray decided to formalize their business. At the time, they both worked for a non-profit, Sarah as an Executive Assistant and Ray as a Producer. Ray would leave and dive head first into the business full-time. Within one month, he’d land the company’s first set of B2B podcast clients.


Breaking New Ground

As their client base grew, they’d expand their physical footprint, launching The Houston Pod, a modest 100 square foot studio, in 2018. However, they’d be met with headwinds of a global pandemic, forcing them to close the studio due to COVID-19 restrictions. To make matters worse, they’d loose access to crucial networking opportunities and events–which made growth challenging for the young company.

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Pivoting to Podcasting

With time and cash reserves running low, they decided to pivot, and do what they new how to do best–podcasting. The two sat down at their kitchen table and came up with a concept for a podcast that would feature top CEOs and marketing professionals, sharing their “Growth Hacks.” 

The podcast evolved beyond merely a marketing tool—it became a gateway to forming relationships with influential business figures who later turned into clients.

Expanding Amid Challenges

The company expanded into on-site production and developed a comprehensive suite of digital marketing services.

Currently, Sarah heads Sales and Finance, while Ray leads Product Development and Marketing. Despite their growth, both Sarah and Ray continue to closely oversee all aspects of production for the company’s range of shows, including their own—Owned and Earned.

We brought together smart and talented thinkers and unleashed their combined creativity on the world.

Our team is made up of a diverse, globally recognized team of award-winning creatives, enabling us to work-around-the clock and bring a unique blend of culture and perspective to your project.

Sarah Smith

Principal Strategist


Ray Smith

Principal Strategist


Kathryn Jacobs

Content Manager


Emily Beach

Lead Video Editor


Sarah Babbage

Content Writer

pius 1

Pius Stilt

Operations Manager

alexis 3

Alexis Martinez

Client Experience


Pawel Lorens

Audio Editor

What's different when you work with us?


We spent over half a decade building and refining a proprietary process.


They don’t have one.


Our exclusive focus on B2B podcasting enhances our expertise and allows us to mind-share collective insights.


Podcasting is one of the many things they deliver giving you surface level experience and results.

We offer flexible production arrangements—you can visit us at our studio, or we can travel to you.


They require you to use Zoom for recordings, limiting personal interaction and control.


We are a boutique agency; we prioritize delivering high-quality products to a select portfolio of clients.


Focused on scaling many products, they produce generic podcasts for many clients, compromising quality and customer service.


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