{ 10 Houston Podcasts We’re Listening to This Week: The Houston Pod weighs in on podcasts recorded right at home! }

{ 10 Houston Podcasts We’re Listening to This Week: The Houston Pod weighs in on podcasts recorded right at home! }

  • Sarah Smith
  • Sarah Smith
Podcasts we're listening to this week

The Houston Pod has been lucky enough to call Houston, Texas home, but we’re not the only ones! A great city like Houston inspires more than just our expert team to create podcasts for listeners just like you to enjoy. 

Whether you’re skyrocketing to outer space or sitting down at the kitchen table, we’re breaking down 10 Houston podcasts that are worth lending an ear to this week. 

My Edge

Now, we don’t want to brag, but the Houston Pod has been more than grateful that we get to lend a helping hand to our first spotlighted podcast: My Edge. Hosted by AMA Houston and assisted by our expert podcasting team at The Houston Pod, this podcast is sure to get your gears turning when it comes to all things marketing.

My Edge Podcast

 With a new special guest on every episode and years of experience in marketing to share, My Edge aims to teach you something new and to connect you to the top thought leaders across the nation. Learn how to market yourself with this Houston-produced podcast on Apple Podcasts and Libsyn, and check out the Houston Pod website to find out more about the podcasts we produce!

Thirty Pop

Thirty Pop

Everyone loves a good throwback, and Houston local Luke Brawner is more than happy to oblige. Each episode of Thirty Pop takes us back thirty years to discover what was new and noteworthy in pop culture at that time.

From movies to politics, fashion to sports, Luke welcomes special guests and familiar celebrity faces to this weekly time capsule that enthralls us on a blast to the past with a fresh new take. Take some time for a throwback this week on Apple Podcasts and their website

Can’t Tell Us Nothing

Can't tell us nothing

If there’s one thing that this year has taught us, it’s that things can change in an instant. When the plan doesn’t go as planned this week, take some time to unwind with Can’t Tell Us Nothing, a Houston improv comedy troupe that brings their sense of humor to podcast form weekly. 

Hosted by troupe members Amechi Ngwe, Antoine W.B, Jon Myes, and Tandiwe Kone, you’re guaranteed to have a blast with this fast-paced show full of insightful discussions and plenty of spur-of-the-moment twists. Have a laugh with CTUN on Apple Podcasts and through their official website

What’s Eric Eating?

This weekly Houston podcast aims to leave your mouth watering! Plan a weekend’s worth of meals with What’s Eric Eating?, a podcast hosted by CultureMap Food Editor Eric Sandler. 

What's Eric Eating

Covering the Houston culinary landscape, What’s Eric Eating? It features news, reviews, and interviews with some of the greatest minds (and taste buds) in the food industry today. Test your palate and take a bite on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Looped In

Looped in

Considering dipping your toes into the Houston housing market? Look no further than Looped In, the podcast that covers Houston real estate from top to bottom. 

Hosted by Houston Chronicle reporters Nancy Sarnoff and RA Schuetz, the pandemic won’t slow this podcast down as they talk to the most passionate minds in Houston’s housing industry. Get real about real estate with Looped In on Apple PodcastsLibsyn, and Stitcher

Houston We Have A Podcast

Houston we have a podcast

Are you interested in space? You’ve come to the right place! Houston, Texas, is home to some absolutely amazing space experts, and they get to share their knowledge with you in this podcast from the NASA Johnson Space Center. 

Hear all about our vast universe from the people who have studied it their entire lives and some who have actually gotten a chance to travel out of this world themselves! Astronauts, scientists, engineers, and leaders take their listeners on weekly journeys across the galaxy on Apple PodcastsSoundcloud, and Nasa’s website

With One Accord

Houston isn’t just the place for space; we’re also rich in our music as well. Attesting to this fact is With One Accord, a biweekly podcast produced by the Houston Chamber Choir. With One Accord hails itself as the one-stop-shop for choral joy, with past performances, inside scoops, and educational interviews on all things choir. 

With One Accord

With a wide variety of musically educated hosts and guests, Houston music fans are more than likely to find out something new about what it’s like to be a musician here. Break into song on Apple PodcastsSpotify, and on the Houston Chamber Choir website

Murder City

Murder City

True crime aficionados can get a taste of some local mysteries, murders, and missing person cases with this Houston crime podcast, Murder City. Explore the darkest, most dangerous, and deadliest stories from Houston, Texas, with amazing insight about local culture and records. 

Run-on blood, sweat, tears, and generous donations from listeners just like you, Murder City encourages you to delve into the terrifying and true on Apple PodcastsSpotify, and their website

Encore Houston

As we mentioned previously, the Houston music scene is filled with a rich history and a wealth of talent. Music lovers of all ages can get their fix for live musical performances with Encore Houston, a weekly show featuring a concert recording from Houston ensembles and performance organizations.

Encore Houston

 Hosted by Joshua Zinn, learn about the latest musical performances and jam out to some free tunes with Encore Houston on NPRApple Podcasts, and Stitcher

Space Case

space case

Rounding out our lists of the most noteworthy Houston podcasts to listen to this week is Space Case, a podcast sure to excite those interested in mysteries and myths, conspiracies, and cold cases. Hosted by the Space Kiddettes, local musicians with a passion for the strange and unusual, Space Case covers something new every week with a flair all their own.

With their latest episodes, all focused around spooky Houston haunts, take some time this week to engage in the weird and wonderful by having a listen on their website

Do you need help producing your Houston podcast? The Houston Pod can do just that! With podcasting clients based all around Texasthe Houston Pod offers a wide variety of scheduling, consulting, editing, and marketing services to podcasts of all genres. Schedule a call with our team for more information!

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