{ 10 Binge-Worthy Dallas, Texas Podcasts

{ 10 Binge-Worthy Dallas, Texas Podcasts

  • Sarah Smith
  • Sarah Smith

Dallas Podcast Headline Photo ee541This week, our team here at The Houston Pod have got our eyes and our ears on North Texas as we break down a list of 10 must-listen podcasts recorded in Dallas. From movies to mental health, history to healthcare, there’s sure to be something new for you to check out on a variety of podcasting platforms. 

Something Spooky: 1. Sinisterhood

It wouldn’t be October without a good scare, which is why this list is starting out with a show that’s guaranteed to be a scream. Dallas-based comedians Christie Wallace and Heather McKinney take you on a journey through haunts and hellions in Sinisterhood. 

With impeccable comedic timing and well-researched tales from the crypt, you’ll be in the mood for Halloween listening to this podcast on their websiteApple PodcastsSpotify, and Stitcher.


A Taste of True Crime: 2. Dr. Death

Dr Death

Speaking of a good scare, there’s nothing more bone-chilling than a true-crime thriller. Playing off of the physician’s vow of “do no harm,” the podcast Dr. Death invites us to partake in the terrifyingly true story of Dallas’ own Dr. Duntsch, a neurosurgeon with a dark secret sure to send a shiver up your spine.  

Take this wild ride through medical malpractice with the host and reporter Laura Beil on Wondery and Apple Podcasts

New in the News: 3. Dallas Morning News Podcast

Looking for a little bit of everything? Dallas Morning News has you covered! Catch up on sports, entertainment, local events, and so much more from a reliable source with a wealth of Dallas reporting experience. Keep it informative on your next podcast listening journey and check out some episodes here.

Dallas Morning News

Power to the People: 4. Good Culture 

Good culture

Change up your point of view with Good Culture, a collection of conversations that are important to have in today’s world. Surrounding the themes of culture, politics, music, and more, create an informed perspective for yourself on vital topics at the heart of Dallas citizens. Take the next step to listen and learn about all things Good Culture on their website

A Good Time for Girl Talk: 5. The Thirtyest

The Thirtyest

Glamorous and grounded in reality, these ladies are doing it all as they enter their thirties, a decade of growth with a wealth of experiences to be had and knowledge to be shared. The Thirtyest addresses the topics and issues that matter most to women with authenticity all their own.

With special guests and a “listening journal” approach to podcasting, you can learn and laugh with women who know a thing or two on their website.

For the Film Fan: 6. There Are Too Many Movies

Forging into the film review podcast genre is There Are Too Many Movies, a Dallas comedy podcast that covers the films that you’re going to absolutely want to check out on your next movie night (and some that you definitely won’t). 

Hosted by Chris Collins, Josh Rodriguez, and Alex Wilshin, catch their new episodes every Tuesday on Apple PodcastsSpotify, and Youtube

There are too many movies

Ear Therapy: 7. Jagged Little Feels

Jagged little feels

Now more than ever, it’s important to talk about mental health in a way that’s open, honest, and real. That’s the basis behind Dallas podcast Jagged Little Feels, hosted by Taylor Nicks, Ryan Nicolaidis, and Christy Ray. 

With expert guests and a casual, positive approach to topics that are so often stigmatized and surrounded by negativity, Jagged Little Feels invites you to take part in the conversation on Apple Podcasts

Keep Up with the Times: 8. D Magazine Earburner

Stay in-the-know on all the issues and events most relevant in North Texas with this expertly-made podcast from D Magazine. Think of it as learning what you need to know from whom you need to know, as Earburner invites guests of all expertise to weigh in on the latest news and the newest trends. 

With topics as diverse as they come, gain some knowledge from the best and brightest on their websiteApple Podcasts, and Stitcher

D magazine earburner

Fact and Folklore: 9. Tex Arcana

Tex Arcana

Truly obscure and strangely true, Ryan Sheffield and Brad Dougher take Texas history on a new path through forgotten folklore and misunderstood legends through the North Texas podcast, Tex Arcana. 

True crime, history, humor, and horror all find their home in this insightful listening experience that can be found on their website and their Patreon.

Darker Deep Cuts: 10. The Corpsepaint Show

Rounding out our list of Dallas podcasts is the Corpsepaint Show, your source for all things weird and wonderful, extreme and eccentric. Punk, metal, horror, burlesque, and so much more are covered in a podcast that can bring the dark underground to the foreground during the spookiest season of the year.

Dallas Podcast10 c9956

From the depths of a Salvation Army chapel basement, hosts Jay and Janie report on all things dark and have conversations with all forms of evil, and you can delve into the deep yourself by having a listen here

Are you looking to start a podcast of your own? The Houston Pod is more than happy to help with that! Visit our website for exclusive information and offers on consultations, editing, marketing, and distribution.

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