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Sarah Smith

Principal Strategist, Managing Partner, Speaker Box Media

See how we transformed venues into studios for Venture Capital firm Dream Big Ventures, achieving 450K impressions and 100% guest social shares. Explore our solutions.

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Staci had opportunities to produce content with high-profile guests at prestigious locations in Miami, at The Latitude Conference, New York, at Barclays, and at Harvard Innovation Lab in Boston, MA. 


Each site had to be flipped into a set in a full production studio for each recording. 

Each guest featured on the podcast must receive a media package to promote the episode to their audience.

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Strategy and Implementation

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Speakerbox Media flew out to various locations alongside the CEO to capture content a each location—this involved set design, building coordination, and logistics. The included lighting 3 cameras, and a video set. Speakerbox Media worked under a tight deadline to ensure that the set was ready to go when the guest arrived, to make for a great experience. 

Each guest received a media package, and 100% of their guest shared the content to social media, which included Linkedin, and Instagram.

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