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{ 4 Reasons Why You Should Utilize Podcast Notes }

{ 4 Reasons Why You Should Utilize Podcast Notes }

  • Sarah Smith
  • Sarah Smith
podcast notes

After drafting, creating, and editing your podcast episode, creating show notes might seem like a tedious task. You may wonder if you really need to show notes if podcasts are consumed audibly. But, it is the complete opposite. Notes are an essential aspect of podcasting. Show notes have many benefits for both you and your audience. Quality podcast notes not only summarize your podcast but serve a multitude of purposes. 

Here’s why showing podcast notes can help both you and your audience. 

What are Podcast Notes? 

Podcast notes are supplemental content that shows additional information that pertains to your podcast. They include the main points of each episode that serve as a purpose to show listeners what is included in the episode. Notes also help to list out resources that listeners can easily refer to later. This includes links, quotes, and data. While audio is the most vital aspect of podcasting, visual, and written content are also important. 

There are many benefits to showing notes for your podcast. Here are four key reasons why you should include them.

Reason 1: SEO

One of the main reasons why you should show notes for your podcast is how it can help boost SEO. While technology is advanced, search engines are not currently scanning and indexing audio content. This means that podcasters need to create additional content that can be seen by search engines. Like blogging, you can include keywords in your notes to help your brand’s SEO ranking. Placing these keywords in a detailed show description will help to attract listeners who are searching for a new podcast. 


 Another way to boost SEO in show notes is to backlink to previous episodes. Linking to previous, similar subjects will not only help listeners engage further but boost SEO. This will help to engage listeners and build a loyal following by encouraging them to listen to more podcasts.  

Reason 2: Create More Content

Show notes can also help you create more content. As stated previously, the summary of the podcast can help drive attention to your podcast. But it doesn’t stop here. Your show notes can serve as new forms of content. In your notes, you can include a few great quotes from the episode that can then be turned into social media graphics.  

Show notes can also be modified and turned into blog posts. Show notes formatted as blog posts will help your search engine ranking. This will help bring attention to your podcast and allow the right listeners to find you.

Including shows, notes is a great way to help you stack your content, and thus, boost your reach.

Reason 3: Go into Further Detail

Podcast notes can help you go into further detail. For example, you can include definitions of buzzy phrases that industry individuals know but others may not. You can also include bios of the hosts and guests here. This helps to build credibility and authority in your domain. Building trust with your audience is key to keeping them as loyal listeners. 

If you want to go into even further detail, you include a transcript of your show. Including a transcript will allow podcasts to be available to those with hearing difficulties, allowing an option to “view” the episode. As stated earlier, search engines cannot index audio content, so including a transcript is a great way to help boost SEO. Transcripts also help to make your podcast accessible to more people. Accessibility is a key reason why podcasts are so popular. 

Tip: Format your transcript like a blog post. This will help give it more weight in search engine ranking and can create new content, as stated above.

Reason 4: Share Resources

Share resources

Podcast notes are a great place to include any resources that were included in the episode. This gives listeners a convenient place to return to find a link, list, or quote that they were looking for, without having to skim through the entire episode. This helps to make the podcast easily accessible and aid listeners. 

In your show notes, you can also literally share sources. This is a great spot to include links to any quotes, data, or sources that you might have mentioned. This helps build your credibility and honesty as a podcast host (no one likes a plagiarizer).


Including notes for your podcast may seem tedious and unnecessary, but it is the complete opposite. Including shows, notes have a multitude of benefits for both the listener and producer. This includes boosting SEO, creating additional content, and giving listeners detailed, additional resources. Show notes are key to building your podcast and attracting loyal listeners. 

 For help creating show notes or creating a podcast, contact The Houston Pod.

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