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The World’s First B2B Podcast Masterclass

How to Start a B2B Podcast in 2024

Rewriting the rules of inbound and outbound marketing 
Founder Sarah and Ray rewrote the rules of B2B podcasting by showing how brands how to leverage the power of voice to engage audiences. In this webcast, you’ll learn how to start a podcast to scale your authority, impact, and business. Whether you’re a manager, executive, or CEO, you’ll gain actionable strategies to integrate podcasting for growth, including creating effective strategies, generating leads, building communities, enhancing SEO, and forming influencer partnerships.
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About The Class

Sarah and Ray Smith bring together over a decade of combined wisdom in B2B podcasting to deliver the worlds first B2B focused mastermind course. 

Instructor(s): Sarah Smith and Ray Smith

Class Length: 10 Video Chapters 1 Hour

Category: Business & Entrepreneurship

1. Finding the Gap
2. Getting Buy-In From Stakeholders
3. Developing Your Core Team

4. Strategic Interviewing

5. Organic Growth
6. Member Engagement
7. KPIs: Metrics the Matter
8. Monetizing Your Marketing

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  • 📋 Step-by-Step Launch Guide
  • 💡 Expert Tips
  • 📅 Case Study
  • 📑 Bonus Templates
AVAILABLE sep 1, 2024