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Podcast Production

Creating a podcast that fuels growth is a considerable undertaking—from concept to launch to sustained results, we’ll carefully plot your path. Our strategy team will ensure your show is backed by research and aligned with your marketing plan, with processes and performance indicators that generate results.
Price Range: $2000 – $5000

Podcast Launch

Our podcast launch process is a roadmap for developing, creating, and publishing a new podcast show

Strategic Guest Booking

Our research team will equip your host with up-to-date research to hold a stimulating conversation and ensure your guests are prepared and scheduled.

Studio Set &

From soundproofing to furniture to equipment, use our studios for your recording. Or leverage our expertise to build a custom-made podcast studio and media room for your company.

Digital Media Assets

Promote your show with exceptional, eye-catching artwork. From the cover design to social media and destination platform visuals, our graphic design team has got it covered.

Podcast Website Design

The team will scope, design, and build a stunning podcast website aligned with your audio-visual strategy.

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Guest Research

Make informed decisions about topics, design, and delivery based on insights from your target listeners’ perspectives.

Strategic Guest Booking

We’ll research, pre-interview, and book quality experts in the fields of your choice.

Show Scripting

Your show editor will determine how the final episode will look by shaping the story, editing the interview, and collaborating with the design team to deliver the most compelling content.

Written Assets

Our content writers will provide an SEO-optimized blog write-up highlighting the key points of your interview and a word-for-word transcript of your conversation for use on your website.

Set Development

When your surroundings work well, so will your show. Arrange your space so you and your guests are relaxed. Get the best results from a professional, comfortable, and distraction-free set.


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