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Podcast Recording Equipment

When it comes to sound quality, you'll want to first make make sure that your recordings are high quality. Thus, purchasing a Blue Yeti or a Audio-Technica USB microphone is not always the best move. USB mics don't offer a professional grade sound quality. Without out the proper podcast equipment and software not amount of podcast editing can help. Below is a list of podcast equipment hand picked by our team of engineers.


  • Standard Podcast Equipment Package
  • Podcast Video Equipment
  • Podcast Lighting Equipment
  • Remote Podcast Recording Equipment
  • Podcast Accessories

Our standard package features the Electro-Voice RE320 Podcast Microphone, Focusrite Scarlett Audio Interface, Microphone Stand, and Microphone Cable.

Standard Podcast Equipment Package

podcast interface

Riverside.FM allows you to to capture podcast remotely in high quality audio and video. All of your audio and video files are captures as a local recording, so if the internet connection ever drops, you will always have a backup recording to depend on. With its HD video recording capabilities, it is unmatched. Riverside always can double as a single track podcast recording software with studio quality audio. It offers a green room for your guest and many other great features with their pro plan.

Remote Podcast Recording Software


When it comes to podcast recording software for the studio two great options are Garage Band and Audition.

Recording Software


Please check back for updates on accessories

Additional Accessories