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The Podcast Studio for B2B Companies in Houston,TX

We help B2B leaders record, edit, publish, and grow podcasts.

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{ Trusted to deliver podcast services for tech businesses
in cybersecurity, venture capital, and more

{ What Customer Are Saying }

Speakerbox Media went above and beyond to help us save time and effort while delivering high-quality results. Thanks to their partnership, we’ve achieved significant growth and success, and we’re grateful for their role in helping us get to where we are today.

Chris Cochran
CEO of Hacker Valley

Speakerbox Media has been a fantastic team. I’ve been absolutely happy with the production , editing, professionalism and facilities.

Chris Howard
CEO of Softeq

{ FAQs }

We provide a range of services to help you create, produce, and market your podcast. For us, this includes developing a concept and format for your show, recording and editing audio and video, securing guests and sponsors, and developing marketing collateral for your marketing team.

The first step to creating a compelling show is understanding your customers, product, and competition through research and discovery. We use the data to create insights for our development team to craft.

There are several ways we help our clients generate a return on investment which include lead generation through strategic booking, sponsorships and advertising, employee engagement, and SEO through new sources of content and backlinks.

You’ll work directly with our leadership team to setup develop your show remotely. After your show is launched we can capture footage for your show both on site and remotely. We will then edit and polish your content before publishing to iTunes and Spotify.

On average, the typically client of ours invest $1500 – $5000 per month in our services. The total price of your subscription is dependent on the rate of shows you produce each month. For example, one show can be $1500 and while four shows could be $5000.

{ Our Podcast Launch Roadmap }

Week 1 - 2

Research & Discovery

Begin with foundational research and strategy sessions to define the project’s direction and audience engagement.

Research & Discovery


Week 2 - 4

Strategy & Concepting

Develop creative concepts and refine them through iterative feedback to solidify the project's thematic elements.

Strategy & Concepting


Weeks 5 - 6

Assets Creation and Mock Recording

Create key visual and auditory branding elements while testing and refining content through prototypes.

Assets Creation and Mock Recording


Weeks 6 - 12

Test, Measure, Iterate

Implement the final elements, launch to the audience, and optimize the project based on analytical insights and user feedback.

Test, Measure, Iterate



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