Crafting the "Go Slow to Grow Fast" Venture Capital Podcast

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Sarah Smith

Principal Strategist, Managing Partner, Speaker Box Media

Learn how our strategic support shaped the 'Go Slow to Grow Fast' podcast into a valuable resource for entrepreneurs and the Mercury Fund's growth.

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Episodes Produced

The creation of the “Go Slow to Grow Fast” podcast was initiated with a clear objective: to establish a distinct brand identity and digital presence that would not only captivate an audience interested in entrepreneurship but also serve the strategic interests of the Mercury Fund, a venture capital firm looking to educate potential clients and drive growth. Hosted by Heath Butler, the podcast is recorded at our podcast studio in Houston, aimed to share invaluable insights from successful startup founders and advisors, focusing on strategic growth and development.

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Our client presented us with a trio of challenges that needed to be addressed for the successful launch of the podcast:

  • Brand Identity Development: The podcast required a unique identity that could stand out in a crowded market and attract listeners interested in startup culture and venture capital.
  • Recording and Post-Production Quality: To ensure the podcast’s success, it was crucial to offer high-quality podcast production values that could compete with established podcasts in the same niche.
  • Digital Engagement and Content Strategy: The creation of engaging social media content and SEO-optimized blog articles was necessary to build and sustain a digital audience for the podcast.
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Strategy and Implementation

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Our solution was a comprehensive strategy designed to meet each of these challenges head-on:

  • Targeted Market Research: Our initial step involved conducting detailed market research to identify a unique angle within the entrepreneurship and venture capital space. This research highlighted the desire among entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts for real-world advice on growing businesses thoughtfully and sustainably.
  • Conceptualizing the Podcast: Based on our findings, we developed the concept for “Go Slow to Grow Fast.” The show’s format involves in-depth discussions with successful startup founders and advisors, all orchestrated by knowledgeable  Heath Bulter. This setup was designed to align with the Mercury Fund’s goals of educating its audience and promoting strategic growth.
  • High-Quality Production and Distribution: We ensured the podcast’s success by focusing on superior recording and post-production processes, creating clear, engaging, and professionally produced episodes. These episodes were then distributed across major platforms, including YouTube, iTunes, and Spotify, to maximize reach and accessibility.
  • Complementary Digital Marketing Efforts: To further the podcast’s reach, we developed a targeted content strategy that included the creation of SEO-optimized blog articles and engaging social media reels. This strategy was designed to attract a broader audience, drive traffic to the podcast, and ultimately support the growth of the Mercury Fund.
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The strategic approach to developing the “Go Slow to Grow Fast” podcast paid off, with the show quickly gaining traction among its target audience. The podcast effectively strengthened the Mercury Fund’s brand, attracting a dedicated listener base interested in strategic business growth and venture capital investment.


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