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Discover how Cemex's internal podcast revolutionized team education, with custom content and expert guests, enhancing sales team learning.

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Cemex, a global leader in the building materials industry, aimed to enhance its internal communications and education efforts through an innovative medium – a podcast series designed specifically for its team. This initiative aimed to provide the sales team with an engaging, educational, and accessible way to consume content while on the go. However, the company faced several challenges in the realization of this project.

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Launching an Internal Podcast: The primary challenge was the inception of an internal podcast from scratch. This required a detailed understanding of the audience, content strategy, and technical setup to ensure the podcast was engaging and fulfilled its educational purpose.

Custom Podcast Creation: To make the podcast appealing and personalized, it was crucial to create custom content tailored to Cemex’s specific needs. This included developing episodes that were relevant to their industry, as well as custom branding that aligned with the company’s image.

Scheduling and Booking Guests: A vital component of the podcast series was featuring guests who could provide valuable insights and experiences. Organizing and scheduling these guests for the series posed a logistical challenge, requiring meticulous planning and coordination.

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Strategy and Implementation

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  1. Custom Branding and Content Creation: To overcome these challenges, a comprehensive approach was taken. The solution involved creating custom branding for the internal show, which was not only visually appealing but also resonated with the sales team. The branding was designed to reflect the educational goal of the podcast, making it an attractive tool for learning while on the move.


  1. Diverse Content Formats: Understanding the varying preferences for content consumption, the strategy included the development of audio, video, and written content. This multi-format approach ensured that team members could engage with the content in whichever form they preferred, enhancing the accessibility and effectiveness of the educational material.


  1. Guest Coordination and Scheduling: To address the logistical challenge of scheduling and booking guests, a systematic approach was adopted. This involved early planning, clear communication, and flexibility to accommodate the availability of guests. The effort paid off with a series enriched by diverse perspectives and expertise, providing valuable learning opportunities for the team.
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The launch of Cemex’s internal podcast series was a resounding success. Through meticulous planning, custom content creation, and strategic guest management, the company was able to introduce an innovative educational tool for their sales team. The podcast not only facilitated learning in an engaging format but also showcased the potential of internal communications in strengthening team knowledge and cohesion.


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